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Motion Graphics Reel: Nel Santiago
Editing Reel: Nel Santiago

Editing shots list:

00:05 – Miami Dolphins Season Package: Compositing and Animation
00:06 – Lotus Racing – Watkins Glen: Shooting and Editing
00:08 – NRA Freestyle- Noir: Long Format Editing
00:12 – Sophia Del Carmen Music Video: Compositing on TV Monitors Throughout
00:19 – Dyland y Lenny Pegate Mas Music Video: Compositing and Animation on Sunglasses Throughout
00:23 – KTRK Weather Promo: Compositing and Editing
00:25 – Spin Short Movie: Animation and Tracking
00:30 – GTI Behind the Scenes: Shooting and Editing
00:33 – KTRK Eyewitness News – Everywhere: Editing and Compositing
00:34 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Editing
00:39 – Various Electoral Campaign Spots (Lindsey Graham): Editing and Animation
00:48 – NRA Freestyle- Noir: Segment and Show Editor
00:51 – Daylight’s End Compositing on TV Monitors throughout
00:56 – Pitbull – Give Me Everything: Compositing and Interface Design on HP Tablets
01:01 – Michael Des Barres – Can’t Get You Off My Mind Music Video: Intro Graphics and Compositing on TV Monitors throughout.
01:13 – Lindsey Graham for President: Editing and Animation
01:41 – NRA Freestyle- Noir: Long Format Show Editor
02:51 – Lotus Racing – Watkins Glen: Shooting and Editing