Free for personal or commercial use. If you do something nice with them shoot me an email. I’d love to check it out. DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT CREDIT. DO NOT SELL. Those are the only legal stipulations.

Additional Footage can be found here: PromoHD Free Stock Footage

Stock Footage Library

|3D Models


Hurricane flags always seem to come in handy. Both have animation using Cinema’s cloth feature.



A C4D Quarter, I’ve used these attached to particle emitters quite often, a link is provided to the texture source for easy State swap-outs.



Mac & PC cursor. One cursor already has motion, it is hidden.


Some C4D goodies, supplied FREE of charge. Please read the “README” file included with every file, before opening. I hope they can be useful to you. No credit is needed if you use these elements for your own projects, all I ask is that you do not republish the files without the included “README” or a reference to my site. If you make something you are proud of, please leave a comment and or a link, would love to check it out. Enjoy!